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Star ChRiS-bRoWn-LoVeRz
aS u KaN SeE,ThiS iS a gRoUp FoR ChRiS bRoWn ::>LoVeRz<:: No HaTeRz aLLoWeD! So iF u aRe a HaTeR.. *!FawL BacK!*

Group Founder: mzgutta
Description: iF YouR'rE a ChRiS bRoWn LoVeR,ThiS iS Tha gRoUp 4u! u'LL Be kEpT PosTeD oN ChRiS bRoWn NeWz,RuMoRz,ToUr DaTeZ,eTc.. JoiN 2Day!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 217
Category: Music > Rn'B & Soul

Topics (22)

go What do u think about chris br (4) mosiano
What do can u say about christ? cos i think d guy is great and d way he compose he songs 4 instants with you It amazing. Gay what do think

go Rihanna (8) desy89
Hey guyz,wat about this chris & Rihanna thng,ny truth 2 it?

go new tatoo (0) kiasi
what do u think of chris brown new tatoo

go deuces (1) nyaga
Hi guys! Hwz deuces and changed man?

go forever (10) fellesha
what do u think of song


Links (2)

go LinK To ChRiS bRoWns MySpAcE
go ChRiS bRoWn'z oFFiCiaL FaN SiTe

Polls (9)

go FaNs! WiLL u StiLL SuPPoRt ChRiS aFtEr FinDiNg ThaT He BeaT uP HiS GF/Ex GF RiHaNNa??
go what do you think chris was best at acting in ?x
go which song do u just love
go Do u think chris n rihanna r a perfect match?
go wat would u do if chris brown kissd ur hand?