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Star ChRiS-bRoWn-LoVeRz
aS u KaN SeE,ThiS iS a gRoUp FoR ChRiS bRoWn ::>LoVeRz<:: No HaTeRz aLLoWeD! So iF u aRe a HaTeR.. *!FawL BacK!*

Group Founder: mzgutta
Description: iF YouR'rE a ChRiS bRoWn LoVeR,ThiS iS Tha gRoUp 4u! u'LL Be kEpT PosTeD oN ChRiS bRoWn NeWz,RuMoRz,ToUr DaTeZ,eTc.. JoiN 2Day!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 217
Category: Music > Rn'B & Soul

Topics (22)

go What do u think about chris br (4) mosiano
What do can u say about christ? cos i think d guy is great and d way he compose he songs 4 instants with you It amazing. Gay what do think

go Rihanna (8) desy89
Hey guyz,wat about this chris & Rihanna thng,ny truth 2 it?

go new tatoo (0) kiasi
what do u think of chris brown new tatoo

go deuces (1) nyaga
Hi guys! Hwz deuces and changed man?

go forever (10) fellesha
what do u think of song

go wat u think bout his mj tribut (0) keke101
i think it wuz raw!

go New Album (1) cami
Hey new member Cami here, been listening to some of Chris's new songs i feel he is apologising to much for what he did. Is he nt human? So why are ppl punishing and trying ti stop him does he nt deser...

go Iz chris in courtshp wit spark (2) amase
Doez chris like spark?

go chris brown on dis christmas (1) fellesha
he's soooo charming in the show

go chat (0) nilmayur
why chat is require

go Chris c*ming 2 SA (6) 42ne8
I heard through de grape vine dat chris iz c*ming 2 SOUTH AFRICA

go With jordin sparks! (4) sarry86
No air! How do you rate this song guys?

go Super (0) desy89
U kno w@ guys!i thnk i've finally found the superhuman, its our chris.w@ do u thnk?

go He's the one (7) wendyak
I think chris is the best thing that happened to r&b

go Chris brown (0) amase
Iz chris in love with jordins spark?


Polls (9)

go FaNs! WiLL u StiLL SuPPoRt ChRiS aFtEr FinDiNg ThaT He BeaT uP HiS GF/Ex GF RiHaNNa??
go what do you think chris was best at acting in ?x
go which song do u just love
go Do u think chris n rihanna r a perfect match?
go wat would u do if chris brown kissd ur hand?
go who would b cutest on chris arm?
go WhY Do YoU LiKe ChRiS?
go WhicH iS YeR FaVe ChRiS bRoWn ViDeo?